Why the kitchen is the most important renovation you can do in the home

Everybody knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home – often in both feeling and floorplan – that’s why putting it to the top of your ‘to renovate’ list is a smart idea. Smart Renovations, as a leading interior design company in Dubai, specialises in designing dream kitchens that work for individual requirements and lifestyles. But what are the benefits of investing in your kitchen?


1.     Add value to your home

Modernising the typical dark wood found in the UAE breathes new life into the home, which is particularly attractive to buyers when you come to sell. Installing newer appliances into the design of your kitchen will also improve the overall worth of your home.


2.     Your kitchen will reflect you

Unlike the upstairs of your home, your kitchen is usually in plain sight for any guests who visit. Whether you throw regular dinner parties or enjoy the odd cup of coffee with a friend, the way your kitchen looks, and functions reflects your personal taste – so make it count.


3.     Improve the flow

At Smart Renovations, as interior designers in Dubai, we value improving the way your home functions as well as how it looks, as such we often alter floorplans and layouts to get the most from your kitchen. By creating an open plan living space, the way you use your home changes, and it can become a more sociable place to be.


4.     Create a space for more family time

A kitchen renovation can improve your lifestyle and the way you interact with your home. For example, by increasing the size of your kitchen’s island it creates a social area which your family can sit around.


5.     Go in-built

When you renovate your kitchen, you can say goodbye to ugly freestanding appliances like the fridge and opt for a sleeker look by having them built-in. This can also mean freeing up vital counter space that will make preparing a meal easier.


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