Why Sustainability Practices Are Becoming Increasingly Important In Dubai’s Commercial Spaces 

It’s 2023, and sustainable design is the topic on everyone’s lips.

Attitudes in the UAE have changed and sustainable design in Dubai has gone from largely unseen, to serious talking point.

The changing landscape of sustainable design in Dubai

With the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan focusing on increasing sustainable communal spaces and the COP28 bringing a countrywide emphasis on the environment, sustainable building practices are in focus.

Now, those creating commercial spaces have a greater responsibility than ever before. Not only is it key that the space relates to the people using it, but it’s also important how the space relates to the world around it.

What is sustainable design?

A space that is designed sustainably will prioritise both the human experience and the natural environment.

When you’re designing with the planet in mind, energy efficiency is key. Commercial designers can do this in several ways, including:

  • Using LED light fittings
  • Implementing a geothermal HVAC system
  • Installing solar panels
  • Prioritising windows for natural light
  • Using water-saving fittings (faucets with auto-shutoff mechanisms etc.)
  • Incorporating recycling facilities

Naturally, using sustainable materials is also an important aspect when designing with the planet in mind. Designers have a number of resources at their fingertips that can reduce waste and impact including:

  • Recycled materials including glass, terrazzo and reclaimed wood
  • No-VOC paint or zero-VOC paint (paints that emit fewer emissions)
  • Raw materials with low impact such as bamboo and cork
  • Low-impact finishes such as lime wash and clay plaster

How choosing the right commercial designer positively influences sustainable design

Sadly, ‘greenwashing’ is common practice across industries, with many companies using a faux eco- friendly message to promote their brands.

Therefore, in order to achieve truly sustainable results, working with the right team of designers is imperative.

A professional with sustainable design experience can help you do the following:

  • Outline your goals for the space
  • Create a long-term roadmap for sustainability
  • Source the best value and productive energy-saving fittings
  • Advise you on the most innovative green-technology
  • Install monitoring devices to help track energy usage

Interested in creating a sustainable space?

Contact commercial designers in Dubai, Smart Renovation today.

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