Why extensions are gaining popularity in Dubai

Over the last few years, as a leading interior design company in Dubai, we’ve seen a rise in the people wanting to extend their villas. Previously, an extension was considered too much hassle, and instead homeowners would choose to sell up and move into a bigger space.


The pandemic has changed the way we think

We’ve seen an increase in demand for remodelling as many of us are using our problem-solving powers (developed over the pandemic) to approach our home’s design. This means expanding our spaces into places we can eat, sleep, work, and study without having to uproot the family.


An extension is easier than you think

As leading fit out contractors we know that many people think the process is going to be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you work with a team who know what they’re doing, putting in an extension is a simple job.


Dubai villas work well for extensions

Quite often, villas in the UAE have large balconies and terraces that work perfectly when creating more space. At Smart Renovations, we often use upstairs balcony areas to create walk-in wardrobes or additional bedrooms.