Why Design & Build Projects Are Increasing In Demand

With the population of Dubai increasing year on year and post-pandemic construction booming, the construction industry is fiercer than ever. Companies are looking for contractors to build quickly, smoothly and affordably. Enter design and build.

What is design and build?

Design and build projects connect owner and builder in one single contract. While traditional construction contracts require an agreement between the designer and contractor, design and build contracts combine the two. This can often mean a quicker turnaround and a cheaper price.

It is little wonder the method is growing in popularity across the world and Dubai design and build is a hot topic within the local industry.

Benefits of design and build projects


When the designer and contractor exist under the same roof, there is little room for misinterpretation. It also means that if a hindrance occurs, both teams are able to work together to solve it.


When you’ve got one team working on the entire project, from original plans to finishing touches, you’ll achieve more cohesive results. Therefore, your completed project is more likely to be in line with the original plans you agreed on.


While saving time has always been enticing to contractors and the client, in traditional contracts, time could often be lost in the design stage or in translating the plans. With Dubai design and build projects meaning the two are intertwined from early on in the project, it means they can work together to work out exact timelines from the planning stage.


Music to every client’s ears, using a design and build service is actually a more cost-effective way of working. Removing the need for multiple parties to be involved, design and build projects streamline the process and as a result reduce costs. Having to rework aspects of the build is also reduced when you’ve got just one team with one shared goal.


Though you can never mitigate risk completely, when the consultant and contractor and united in one contract, they hold a large portion of responsibility. If issues occur, the two have joint obligation to fix them.

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