The Principles of Good Interior Design That No One Talks About

You may have heard designers talking about ‘the principles of interior design’, which usually include ideas such as a balance, harmony and proportion, but how much of good design comes from following rules? And how much is it down to the designer’s experience? At Smart Renovation, a top interior fit-out company in Dubai, we know that the foundation of interior design comes down to making the client feel good, both during the design process, and of course with the result. That’s why we’ve devised our own three principles that we believe good designers should follow.


Experience over rules

Sticking to general interior design rules means you’ll get an average finished project, which might look nice, but will definitely lack that important personal touch. For it’s when a designer uses their personal experience to craft a home that speaks to the homeowner that the real magic happens. Here at Smart Renovation, we’re well-known for our bespoke approach, it’s one that’s come from our multi-generational experience, starting in Italy. With years of experience comes an ability to understand a client’s needs, and this is how you achieve a design that speaks to the homeowner.


Creating a harmony between styles

Often those seeking out help with their interiors have an idea of what they like, but struggle when it comes to arranging items in a stylish manner. It is the role of an interior designer to strike a balance between the various styles that the homeowner likes. If you’ve got a wife who wants a Scandi influence with a husband who’s about all things minimal – a good stylist will know how to balance the two.


Fostering the right environment

A good interior designer knows that a well-crafted home is about more than just nice furniture and well-chosen accessories. Our homes affect our moods and play a big part in our overall health. That’s why designing an environment that really speaks to its owners is an important principle of interior styling. The key to this is when a designer is insightful and knows how to understand the needs of a family when putting together their home.



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