Renovating a Bathroom | How to Design the Perfect Space

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, big or small, then here’s what you need to consider at the design stage.

When it comes to renovating a bathroom it can be tempting to let your enthusiasm run away with you and walk straight into your nearest bathroom retailer or go online and start ordering your new sanitaryware, tiles, flooring and lighting.

But, before you do that it’s worth giving some thought to some details.

As the bathroom continues to be one of the top renovation priorities among homeowners, people are seeking sleek and modern designs that will add value to their homes, and also make their bathrooms appear bigger. Luckily, when it comes to bathrooms, even simple, low-cost refurbishments can have a huge impact. But in order to achieve a visually stunning and spacious look that exudes class and style, there are many aesthetic factors to consider. 


Countertop sinks – also known as vessel sinks, are an undeniably stylish addition to any bathroom. Surprisingly, vessel sinks can also make the room feel bigger, as you will typically choose a shorter vanity in order to compensate for the extra height of the sink, which increases the space between the countertop and the ceiling, giving the illusion that your ceiling is taller. However, water will splash more on the vanity with this type of sink, so do make sure that the countertop is a waterproof material.


Hidden-Tank Toilet

A great way to get more space out of your bathroom is to go for a hidden tank/wall-mounted toilet. They are an ultra-modern, high-tech solution, and look amazing in smaller bathrooms. These elegant commodes hide the plumbing and working parts behind the wall, however as a downside, they are harder and usually more costly to install than an average toilet. Alternatively you could go for a one piece toilet, which still looks very modern and is actually easier to install, however saves less space.



The most important thing which determines the look of the bathroom is the tiles you go for. Modern trends include concrete, as well as darker shades of grey and black, however classics like white and grey marble, and natural beige stones are always popular and still continue to wow. Textured tiles or ones with a shimmer are also being used more, and can create really beautiful feature walls.


Lighting is often overlooked in the bathroom, however to truly create a show-stopping look, you need to incorporate various types of lighting into your design.


Round Mirrors

Large round mirrors have a universal appeal, and look chic in any room in the house. They work so well in bathrooms as their clean simplicity complements any modern style, whilst adding more visual interest than a standard rectangular mirror.

Floating Vanity

Most people want to increase floor space in their bathrooms, or at least create an illusion of more space, and what better way to do it than with a floating vanity! The open space beneath the cabinet allows for more light to travel through the room, and visually extends the flooring surface, which tricks the eye into thinking there is more space. This also makes cleaning easier too, as the open access leaves less space for dust and dirt to hide. In addition to these practical benefits, floating vanities look way sleeker, less bulky and more streamlined than their free-standing counterparts, and are a must for anyone wanting to create an ultra-modern look in their bathroom!


Walk-In Shower

One of the best ways to achieve a spa-like feel to your bathroom remodel is with a walk-in shower. Practical as well as highly stylish, these showers may seem to be a luxury item, however are surprisingly affordable! On top of that, as there is minimal hardware, there is also minimal maintenance, as there will be less fixtures to clean and noticeably less build-up of limescale.


Freestanding Bath

Nowadays, with our busier and more eco-conscious lifestyles, taking a bath is seen as somewhat of a luxury, and most people choosing to save space in their bathrooms opt to get rid of baths altogether. However, if you do have enough space, a freestanding bath is one of the most bold and stylish statement pieces you can have in your house, creating a beautiful focal point for any bathroom design. Paired with a modern and sleek free-standing tap, these are a sure way to elevate your room into something truly luxurious.


Modern Faucets

For a minimalist and streamlined design, why not consider a wall-mounted faucet. These taps have been cropping up everywhere in interior design lately, due to their versatility, utility and clean appearance. They work well particularly in minimalist bathrooms, and they even save on space! The added bonus is that they’re easier to clean than standard taps, as calcium is less likely to build up.