For design and build professionals like ourselves, the words “remodel” and “renovate” have two very different meanings, although they are used interchangeably. Let’s start with the definition of the words first. According to the dictionary definitions:

Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something.”

Renovate means “restore to a good state of repair.”


A remodel will include changing the use of a space. A remodel is altering the structure and style of a space and completely transforming it. When you are changing the layout of a room reconfiguring the floor plan, you’re remodeling. 


In a kitchen remodel, for instance, you may decide to combine the kitchen with the living room and create an open concept kitchen layout. Or perhaps you’d like to install a kitchen island to create more functional space for cooking. 


If you’ve started gutting, adding, or removing walls, raising ceilings, or expanding the square footage of your home you’ve crossed over into remodeling territory. Whatever it is, remodeling breathes new life into a room, giving the space a whole new look and feel.

Browsing photos and ideas can be a fun part of creating your dream home. But making your designs a reality also takes smart planning and organization. Project management is an essential part of remodeling, and there’s nothing like the feeling of implementing a plan to create something new and beautiful. 


Smart Renovation by Superior Living can provide general construction services specializing in all the intricacies and details of kitchen, bath design and complete home remodeling. We have honed our craft to give you the very best results in services for all your remodeling needs.


We like to envision your home design or remodeling projects like a book with a storyline. Our home remodeling specialists will work with you and lead you through the journey of turning your dream home into a reality. Since we treat you and your home as if it were our own, we put the utmost attention to the tiniest details to ensure all your needs are met.


We promise to make your home remodel project a fun and enjoyable experience. During construction, every effort is made to minimize disruption to your family and lifestyle. Our goal is to achieve your vision on both a professional and personal level. We understand that all jobs, both big and small, are important to our clients and we want you to feel at ease. We will treat your home with the same care we treat our own so you can rest easy throughout the entire remodeling process.


We are here to make any demolition or installation service straightforward and hassle-free. We are here to help you complete the entire remodeling project from start to finish. No matter how easy it may seem, it’s always best to leave the demolition and installation to the professionals. We are your one-stop for complete construction demolition services. Whether we’ve just gutted your kitchen or removed interior walls, we will also collect and take away the refuse and leave the site clean.

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, it is important to consult an experienced design-build contractor or architect before you begin your project and make sure you research first to ensure that your project gets done right the first time around! Smart Renovation by Superior Living is one of the UAE’s leading remodeling and project management companies.

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