Before you can jump into the building phase of your home renovation, it is essential to design and plan out the project. Smart Renovation’s design specialists work with homeowners to create digital renderings of your renovation idea before moving on to creating detailed architectural concepts. 

During the design phase, you can make as many changes as possible. Only once you’re completely satisfied with the concept, should you move forward with the build phase. These concepts are also used to determine the feasibility of your project, help with providing an accurate cost estimate to formulate a budget, and can be built upon to create working drawings.

After 40 years of experience in Italy and Europe, Smart Renovation combine the elegance of traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and working methods to achieve a superior luxurious finish on all refurbishment and listed building restoration projects.

We provide our clients and their professional team with design solutions, consultancy, surveys and advice along with all associated services required in working within existing building with demanding projects. The most recent works include the refurbishment of a beach front villa, the design of a cozy Colonial living room and a glamorous new life for a villa in Jumeirah.

We always adapt our current construction working practices to suit the need of each individual project, whether it is sensitive areas within listed buildings, live working environments or restricted sites. Our team ensure that the impact on the construction stage is delivered with a high level of quality and customer focus that is authentic, visible, accessible and value driven.

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