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In the interior design process we always plan for real life so we begin with the most important step – space planning. 

Space planning is important to make sure you block out interior spatial areas, define circulating patterns and develop plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. The aim of space planning is to create efficiency for everyday life and exclude unnecessary additions and short-term trends that won’t last in the long run.

Once we have an idea of how the space should function and flow, we liaise with our clients to merge the requirements with our clients desired requirements for the desired aesthetic and atmosphere. Then we create the concept for the space and we incorporate this in the build for the ultimate intelligent design.

Interior design is more than just where and how you place a piece of furniture. As an interior designer, at Smart Renovation, you have to be able to tell a story about how the interior is going to come together with all the different elements and pieces.

Quality is key, materials and construction affect how a person experiences the finished room. Good quality material makes a huge difference to the feeling for a room compared to poor quality material. This is where Smart Renovation projects really make a difference making sure we always use the best materials and products even at budget sensitive projects.

Smart Renovation creates interiors that are responsive, adaptive, inviting and exciting. We believe that architecture and environments are deeply connected, and that each one has an influence and effect upon the other.  We are innovative and agile. We are modern and have traditional values of aesthetics. Each member of our team comes with a unique set of skills and together, we create buildings that stand out from the rest while fitting in harmoniously and beautifully.

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