Dream Home Dubai | News In the interior design process we always plan for real life so we begin with the most important step – space planning.  Space planning is important to make sure you block out interior spatial areas, define circulating patterns and develop plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. The aim of …Read More

Dream Home Dubai | News Our dedicated team will look after everything for you, from creating exciting designs to managing your building works and hanging your art, ensuring everything is completed to our impeccable standards. We oversee every aspect of your interior design project, from creating schemes to managing structural works, positioning art and choosing …Read More

Dream Home Dubai | News At Smart Renovation we pride ourselves on creating stunning interiors. We take the time to understand how you live and the styles you love, enabling us to design a home that’s not only visually impactful but tailored for you. Superlative details, clever use of colour, balance and symmetry, spaces infused …Read More

Dream Home Dubai | News Although the bathroom can be one of the smaller rooms in a home, it plays a huge role in our day to day lives. In fact, many of us will spend approximately three years in the bathroom throughout our lives. So it only makes sense that your bathroom design be …Read More

We often get asked what kinds of projects we take on and what types of homes. In all honesty, it is a range. We take on projects from new builds, where we will be working off plans, to house builds where we will be working with the architects to get the plans right. Then there …Read More

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