How to decide between bespoke or retail furniture

Not sure whether to get your furniture made or to buy it? Here’s our opinion


Why chose tailor-made furniture?

Having furniture designed to fit the rooms you’re living in makes a huge difference to the look and feel of a space. It transforms a house to a home in an instant because it’s been purposely designed. But it doesn’t always have to mean spending a fortune either as you can get a good carpenter to tailor your IKEA furniture to look unique.


Who should invest in bespoke furniture?

When it comes to furnishing your home, how long you plan on living there should be high on the ‘to consider list’ before purchasing items. For those living in their dream home, tailored furniture really does make a big difference. But if you’re renting and only plan on sticking around for the short-term, then there’s little to no-point in investing in a fully made suite. However, there are some places where a little tailoring can go a long way.


Which pieces are the best to get custom-made?

At Smart Renovations we know that bespoke furniture makes all the difference, but if you haven’t got budget to completely fit-out your home, these are the top three items we suggest that you customise:


TV cabinet

As fit-out consultants, we highly recommend that you get the TV cabinet concealed into the wall. This serves to remove attention from the box, and it can also work to create a feature wall. In the past, we’ve used a large piece of marble as part of the cabinet to make it a visual highlight of the room.



If you’ve got a bar, it can look particularly striking when tailored to your space. Whether you choose to have the shelves built into the wall or if you have it expertly fitted to a corner in your living space, a customised bar area is a great way to add flair to your interiors.



One of our favourite fit-out hacks is to buy a retail bed but to custom-build a headboard around it. Using leather, fabric, or mirror, headboards can really function as an impressive design element. We also like to incorporate a lighting system for a show stopping look, that can only be achieved through customisation.

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