Five Tips For Designing An Open-Plan Kitchen

1.  Avoid wall cabinets

They only work in a closed kitchen where that is the focus of the room. In an open plan living area, use low or full cabinets for less visual obstructions. We like to use low cabinets that are not mounted onto the wall, so that there’s a visual flow through the space without obstructions,


2.  Think about the rest of the space

Design in synergy with the rest of the living area. Follow the style of the furniture and the feel you’ve created in the rest of the room.


3.  Consider a place to gather

When planning your kitchen design, don’t forget this space will likely become a communal hub for your family. Create an island or peninsular counter that allows people to sit, eat and gather.


4.  Lighting is key

Make sure the light hits where you need to see – for example, on the countertops, island, and hob. Heavy pendant lighting can get in the way or break the flow, so be careful of picking something OTT.


5.  Say no to extractor fans

Don’t put in a big and expensive extractor fan. Get an in-built ventilation system on the ceiling. It doesn’t cost much and will keep the space
looking sleek.