Five Steps To Designing a Home with Wow-Factor

1.  Hire a professional

Hiring an interior designer is a sure-fire way to make sure your home keeps a consistent flow. As a professional they will be able to guide you on a colour palette and style that works best for your lifestyle and home’s layout.


2.  Think before you buy

To achieve a wow-factor across your home, it’s important that you select pieces that work well together. Do this by sticking to your overall style and colour scheme as suggested by your designer.


3.  Spend wisely

Don’t go for cheap finishings as you’ll end up having to re-do the renovation work every few years. At Smart Renovations we pride ourselves on using high-quality products that don’t break the bank. It’s possible to keep a level of quality without spending too much. This also helps to elevate the overall feel of the home.


4.  Go simple

When choosing your main furniture pieces, kitchen, and wardrobe design, keep it plain. Simple lines and clean colours make for a refined look. A clean base leaves room for fun while keeping a flow between the whole home.


5.  Use your personal style

Accessorise with colour and bold pattern if that’s your style but be careful not to clash design theories between rooms. It’s important that there’s a common thread throughout the whole house, even if some rooms are different colours, it’s important that you choose a style and stick to it.