Everything You Need To Know About Office Renovations

Workplace design is more than just making a space look pretty. In fact, a well-designed work environment can have a big impact on overall productivity and motivation, so it’s important to get it right.

If you’re thinking about undertaking an office renovation in Dubai, choosing the right office fit-out company is key. Depending on the scale of the project, you’ll need to decide whether you will temporarily relocate your team or whether you’ll make alterations around your company’s schedule. Your office fit-out company in Dubai can help you work out which approach suits your budget and needs best.

Before you meet with your fit-out team, here’s a quick guide to office renovations to think about:

Work out your goals

Before you start it’s a good idea to get firm on your goals. Figure out what your needs for the office are by considering the following points:

  • Your overall needs. Are you expanding your company and needing more space? Do you need to improve coordination within your team and therefore need more collaborative working areas?
  • Future plans. Ask yourself how you see the company expanding over the coming years, this will help your contractor to create a design that can grow with you.
  • Employee survey. When creating a space for your employees, it’s a good idea to find out what they require. Not only will it help you create a space that is practical, it will also help motivate your team, especially during the disruption of the renovation.


In 2023, office layout goes far beyond just rows of desks and chairs. Indeed, there are many different layout options to consider, each appealing to different ways of working. Hot desks, open-plan work areas and partitioned screens are some of the many options to choose from.

When working with a professional office fit-out company, they will study your office culture and propose a solution tailored for you.


When creating a space that’s conducive to productivity, it’s important to design with logistically. For example, if you’re finance and procurement team work closely together, then their respective spaces should be near to one another.


Living in a modern world, IT solutions are even more important now than ever before. Depending on the nature of your work, you can embed useful equipment into your office layout. Not only is this a practical choice, but it can also end up saving space that can be used for other purposes.


Studies show that natural light is encourages greater levels of productivity. If you can’t install more windows, your office fit-out company can advise you on the best lighting systems to use. There are several options and the correct usage of blinds can help to create shade and light where appropriate.


If employee recreation time is important to your company’s values, then carving out a physical space for this in the office area is a must. Having an adequate size pantry and space to eat is the minimum, creating a relaxing area for socialising is a plus.

Interested in an office renovation in Dubai? Contact commercial designers in Dubai, Smart Renovation today.

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