Do All Renovations Add Value? Your Renovation Questions Answered

So, you’re considering renovating your UAE property? There are several things to consider before you start. As leading experts in home renovations, we answer your frequently asked questions below.


Do all home upgrades add value?

Yes, but only if you use high quality materials that will stand the test of time. If you’re not able to spend to get a renovation done to a decent standard, it could be a better idea to make surface level decoration changes instead because material is key when it comes to adding value.


Which rooms are the most desirable renovations when it comes to reselling?

The most value we’ve added through renovation is when we’ve changed the floor plan of a property to make it entirely more liveable.  Although, I do believe that when potential buyers are looking around a home that already has a renovated kitchen, they become more motivated, and then if they then discover it also has a modern bathroom, the property is likely to be sold.


Is flooring important?

Every home deserves a different focus, but flooring is almost always one of the basic elements of the renovations we do. It’s the upgrade that makes the most impact when you walk into a property, just make sure you pick a ‘smart’ material that will age well and look good when you come to sell.


Which style should you pick to increase sell potential?

There’s a fine balance in designing something that you love while you’re living there and something that will appeal to the masses when you come to sell. It’s important to select materials that everyone will like, otherwise when you get to the point of re-sell, you’ll need to find someone with exact same taste as you.


Are swimming pools worth the investment?

Yes, if you’ve got the money to invest. It’s an expensive job as they require strong technical skill. We often see low price jobs which then create huge problems in the future. So, if you are going to put in a pool, go for a reputable company and don’t be tempted by low quotations, that way you’ll be adding value to your property, rather than decreasing it.


Do exteriors make a difference when it comes to selling?

Landscaping increases the value, especially after the pandemic because people want to have a nice outdoor space. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big difference, it’s about achieving a stylish finish that adds an additional living space to the home.