Designing Your Company’s Office? Consider These Things First

When it comes to designing the office for your company, you’ve got make sure it’s functional, for both the work that needs to be done and the people doing it.


Company management

Firstly, you should think about the way the company is managed as this will shape the layout. Let’s take Google as an example, they place a big emphasis on communication between their employees. As such, the layout is very open with several meeting spots interspersed throughout. When creating an office space, it’s important to analyse what the company stands for and then craft an area that is in line with the professional goals.



Of course, it’s important that you create an office that’s practical to use. You’ll want to place relevant departments (think finance and sales) nearby to one another and have printers close by to those who need to use them. Contemplate how people will move around to get to the places they need for productive work.



Does your business value their employee’s recreation time? Or does breaktime usually mean a quick a coffee and a bite to eat? Depending on which is true for your company, this should influence how much space you give to the staff room and pantry. For those who place an emphasis on down time, it’s a nice idea to create an area for staff to socialise in.


Floor planning

Nowadays some companies choose to have an open reception area that leads into the full office, but it depends on how formal your work process is. It’s very important to think about the philosophy of the business when you’re designing. Consider playing with the space available by using sliding doors, that way a big room can transition into smaller ones when need be.



Traditional companies will need to allocate a desk for each person so that they have ample space in which to work. However, for those who take a more modern or paperless approach, communal desks are a good idea. If this is the case, design with the project in mind rather than the people completing it. That way you can you create a space that’s productive to getting the work done.