COVID-19’s impact on the way we live in our homes and how interior design has responded

Living, working, exercising, schooling and sleeping in one space has changed the way our home’s function, possibly forever. But if you’re in the market to renovate, how should you let that affect the way you design your home? As a leading interior designer company in Dubai, Smart Renovations is an expert in residential design, here’s how they think the pandemic has shifted interior design.


A dedicated office

The home office is has become a non-negotiable and that is something that’s here to stay. With many of us adapting the way we make a living, working from home (in some capacity) is going to stay with us for the long haul. Creating a room, or cleverly designed space in your home where you can work, distraction free is vital.


Inside outside

The garden has never been more important and creating a seamless transition from inside to out greatly affects the way we use our home. If you’re able to design a living area that flows into the garden, you’ll improve your quality of life. Bi-folding doors are one of our favourite ways to do this, we also recommend increasing your patio size so that you’re able to have a decent sized dining table outside.


Multi-use spaces

The pandemic taught us about being clever with the space you have, even if you don’t have lots of square footage to play with, you can double up the use of rooms. For example, our guest bedrooms are getting far less love now than they were a couple of years ago, but don’t waste the space. Instead, install an built-in table that can be used as a desk for home schooling and then transition into a dressing table when you’re hosting again.


Create an uplifting mood through design

Here at Smart Renovations, we know that your mood is greatly affected by the way your home looks and feels. A trend that’s here to stay, is designing spaces with your family’s happiness in mind. Whether that’s a layout choice, like having an open plan kitchen so that you’re never too far away from each other, or by choosing uplifting decoration that puts a smile on your face. Your interior fit-out consultants should be able to advise you on ways to improve the feeling in your home.


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