Tips for Selecting the Right Bathroom Renovation Specialist

Refurbishing your bathroom can be very stressful, overwhelming and time consuming, so choosing the right Bathroom Renovation company for your project is really important. You envisage a highly skilled team who will refurbish your tired bathroom with care, skill and precision. It’s also important for them to listen and understand your needs, understand what you want and to inspire you with ideas to complement the ideas you’ve been contemplating for some time. Above all, you need somebody you can trust and work with closely. So where do you start?

The idea of a beautiful and new bathroom brings with it a lot of excitement. You may be tempted to get started and be done with it as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t rush to get things done. Gather your ideas, think about what you want and don’t want. Consider when is the right time of the year to have the work done – keep in mind other commitments at the time of the refurbishment. Having considered the above, take time to find the right person for the job. Nothing is more expensive than doing things twice. A good company will be can be booked up for months, so be mindful of this.

General builders may have the skills and understanding to deliver a complete building project, covering all aspects of what you’ve agreed, but they won’t work on bathrooms everyday, which are complex projects where every detail counts. They may not be familiar with current trends, brands and their product offerings and they won’t offer you the expert bathroom advice you will certainly need and demand; you will not be happy with the end result. 

Do you pick an independent specialist or a local bathroom store to design and install your bathroom? Choosing a well-known bathroom store means they can only provide a limited range of products and styles, whilst an independent specialist will be able to put together any style of bathroom that fits your home and lifestyle. Choosing a bathroom renovation specialist also means they will be more likely to be accessible when you need it and also be able to respond to any refinements once the work is completed. If a local bathroom store subcontracts your work to fitters or non-local fitters, you may have issues in the future fixing snags or issues.

Going with the cheapest company may be a bargain that’s hard to resist, particularly if they can work with the budget in your head or has been given to you by your partner. However, cheap costings or quotes often means cheap fittings, drab manufactured bathroom furniture and overall work you may not be happy with. You can easily spend a lot of money on tiles or natural stone, and if laid badly this will completely compromise your new bathroom, without anything even being installed. If you choose the right person to work with, they will work with you closely to select all the right component parts that are going to work well together. When a quote is lower than the other’s, make sure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’ and everything is included. Keep in mind that a bathroom refurbishment is a long-term investment and something you want to enjoy. The look, feel and functionality are important, but you also want to make sure it adds value to your property. A bathroom renovation specialist who knows what they are doing will realise this with you.

Find out where products and materials are supplied by from your chosen company. You may be tempted to buy your own fixtures and fittings, and do an install-only. Hold fire until you’ve chosen the bathroom renovation specialist you want to undertake your new bathroom. Do not purchase anything as it may not be suitable or perform in the way you envisage. A bathroom renovation specialist will have established relationships with quality suppliers that will help select appropriate fixtures based on your budget, performance requirements and reliability.

A professionally refurbished bathroom will serve you for years to come and can be a great investment for your home. Selecting the right bathroom specialist is crucial to your refurbishment success. 

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